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The Art of Making Decision —Volume 2 Featured

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The Art of Making Decision —Volume 2

Making decision is beautiful even if at the end the decision turns out to be a wrong one. Not making decision puts you in a state and it can cause anxiety which could affect your health. Everyone has anxiety from time to time but chronic anxiety can negatively impact your quality of life. It is a mental health disorder that can also have serious consequences for your physical health.

When you make decisions you expand, you gain more grounds and spread out. It’s like spreading your wings like the eagle to fly to a height of new horizon. Remember you only expand when you turn to consciousness and contract when you turn away from consciousness. Good decision making is an essential skill for any kind of success in every faculty of life. Enlightenment means taking full responsibility for your life. This is the very first part in making the right decision. You must be enlightened; you must be able to give explanation and clarity for the choices you make. So how can I be enlightened? Here is the road to being enlightened:

There is nothing you must “accomplish” first in order to find enlightenment. All potential experiences are already within you. You don’t have or need to accomplish anything first before you get enlightened. Perhaps the state of mind that most needs enlightenment is the mind that judges others as sinners. We have all made mistakes. That seems to be how we learn. Repeating the same mistakes over and over is what is injurious to our own purpose. However we are free to do that as well. Zig Ziglar calls this insanity: “doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results.” All you need to get enlightened is determination. You must make up your mind, swallow your pride and see the need for you to be enlightened.

Know that there is none neither greater nor mightier than you, we are all created equal. The false idea that some people, overall, are superior and others inferior is a lie that is determined to put us all in bondage. It seems to be fostered by almost everyone, both those who think themselves superior and those who think themselves inferior. Some part of the person is picked out and elevated to being in an overarching position. Talented people, for instance, see talent as making talented people superior. Rich people see riches, highly intelligent people see intelligence, beautiful people see beauty, industrious people see industry, people from old families see family background, creative people see creativity, people of strong character see character, clean people see cleanliness, ethnic people see country of origin, religious people see their religion, and amusing people see a sense of humour. For some they see race.

This attitude of ‘I am more worthy than thee’ was seen when some men brought a woman they will stone to death because she committed adultery. What they did was to differentiate and equate sin into categories, knowing what is severe and what is not. Jesus agreed with them that the woman has sinned but if anyone of them thinks they have never ever sin any kind of sin in their life time then they are free to execute judgement on her. They did the evaluation of themselves and they agreed by their reactions that they were not worthy to execute judgement. Enlightenment entails you know yourself and feel good about you so you can accomplish your dreams. I maybe poor today but I am on a journey to wealth; I may have failed today but I am failing forward to succeed. The difference between ripe and unripe plantain is time and I have the confident conviction that my time will come too.

Treating others as equals is a natural outcome of goodwill. It is goodwill that says to us, “This person is another human being. We share a common origin and a common destiny. Goodwill is what makes any one of us the best that we can be.” Equal is life’s greatest word. Not only are others equal to me, but I am equal to them, as well. When I am equal, I can’t be inferior or superior. I am just equal.

Know that there is none neither greater nor mightier than you, we are all created equal. Don’t feel sorry for yourself by thinking you are not capable. Don’t limit the ability God has given you by reducing your worth and value. Once you start comparing yourself with others and start feeling inadequate then you will come short of the glory of God.

Create time in your life to be conscious. Few years back a member of one of the teams I am involved in our local assembly resigned. She is one of the best in the team and she was doing very fine so I approached her to find out if there was any problem but she explained to me that she is involve with too many other units and she is very active in all of them. She wanted time out for her personal growth because she’s has been giving too much and she needs time now to put something back inside of her. Too often, we get so tense or stressed with our responsibilities that we forget to take pleasure in the moment. When last did you sit back to reflect consciously about you and create time to engage yourself in fun? When you are void of stress, your mind functions properly and your senses are open for new ideas. This means you are positioned to be enlightened.

Sit quietly and let your thoughts and judgments arise and dissipate by themselves. If the music is not on, you have the television; if that is not the case then you are on the phone. The point here is that you are always on the move. There is never a time where you sit back and relax and put things in perspective allowing your conscious mind to function and thinking through every barrier and opposition. Meditation is an act of enlightenment, this why it is not only Christians that meditate. As a matter of fact every rich and wealthy person meditates.

Meditation enables you to observe and to do. It is in doing that you make. The act of creativity is as a result of doing. Meditation enables you to do the things that will make you to have prosperity and not just any kind of success but a good success. This means there are different levels and types of success. There are successes that are not profitable and there are ones that announces you. Meditation brings the very kind of success that announces you, this is the type where the windows of heaven will be opened and the blessings keep flowing that there will be no room enough for you to store them. Meditation is a very essential ingredient for being enlightened and enlightenment is needed to make decision. What it means is you make decisions through meditation also. This is one sure way you will be successful in the decisions you make.

Stop that useless emotional reactions and rather think things through. These are some emotional reactions that can affect your personality and wellbeing: fear, anger, guilt, grief, sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, emotional numbing, etc. Emotional reactions will vary and may be influenced by: Prior experience with the same or similar event; the intensity and length of the event; Pre-incident stressors; the length of time since the event; the loss of loved ones, housing and homelessness issues, etc. The first step of handling or rather dealing with every form of emotional reaction is to first acknowledge the existence of these reactions and faced them squarely to erase them out of your mind. If you don’t they will cloud your thought and assist you in making a wrong decision. Emotional reaction makes you to lose your senses hence if you are to make decision when not with your complete sense; you will definitely make a wrong decision.

Maybe you made a wrong decision that has affected your future and you’ve lost all hope but I will advise you not to accept defeat. Get up, clean up and try again. Keep trying no matter how many times you fail. Never ever give up no matter what.

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