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Tuesday, 29 April 2014 10:45

The Choice is Yours— Power! Featured

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The Choice is Yours— Power!

Many people have no control in their lives. They are slaves to control, they rather allow life to control them and take everything for granted. To get what you want in life you must be willing to make changes and this comes with sacrifice as well. You must be willing to lose your life so that you can have it. The problem is we all fight hard to preserve our lives but we end up in the end losing it. I fought hard because to me there would have been no life if I was not a medical doctor and the truth is I never became a medical doctor and yet I have found more meaning in my life than ever.

If you must make that change then you need to understand the choices that you have and why you make the choices that you make. Life is not about quick fix, you must be willing to pay the price for change. I can guarantee you this; if you are willing to make a commitment to yourself, your life will definitely change. The truth about this change is the fact that it is all about you. You may be one of those self-righteous people that think that life is about everyone else and what you can give. What can you give when you are empty?

Look around and you will discover that people that really make it in life are those that have found themselves so they give the best of who they are for others. A medical doctor is a doctor because this is who he is and without being this there is no way he would be able to treat someone.

So I repeat; this is about you. It’s not about the relationship that you are in. It’s about you being in that relationship. It’s not about the job you have. It’s about you having that job. It’s not about the opportunities that are available to you. It’s about how you respond to the opportunities. It’s not about what you have in your life right now. It’s about what you do with what you have in your life right now. It’s not about getting other people to change. It’s about you changing. It’s not about controlling other people. It’s about you getting control over yourself. It’s not about changing the world. It’s about changing your world. It’s not about what happens in your life. It’s about how you respond to what happens in your life. It’s not about what someone says to you. It’s about how you interpret what someone says to you.

It is about you. It is about who and what you are here and now. It is also about where you want to go from here. All of this revolves around getting what you want in life. As I said, it is all really about you. You need to know that you always have and make choices. No matter how complex the situation is, you have choices to make. The ball is in your court, how you kick it and to whom you pass it to, is your choice. No one is forcing you to make these choices but you must make them no matter what. Some are tough and heart breaking but you still must make them.

When making decision you are on your own. You are in a deep valley and it is life or death. It is a time where you have to throw away your fears and doubts. This period requires deep thinking. It is never easy, it is tough but it has a huge reward at the end.

We do not always get to choose the things around us but we do always have the choices about how we want to respond to the things around us. We cannot choose if it is going to rain or shine. We do have the choice of how we want to respond to the rain if it does or to the heat if it shines. The choice we have to make might be choosing the lesser of two evils but it is still a choice. The main reason people feel that they don’t have choices is that they don’t get to choose the options that they have to pick from. If it rains out, people get upset because they don’t have the choice over if it rains or not. We don’t get to choose if it rains out. We do get to choose our response to the rain.

In the Bible Joseph was threatened by his master’s wife to have sexual intercourse with her or he rot in prison if he doesn’t. He was presented with two options and he took one of it. It was a choice he made. He was ready to give his own life to maintain his relationship with God. He never cared what will happen to him if he rejects the option of having sexual intercourse. To him the consequence is more. He becomes an adulterer and he sins against God. At the end he ran away from her and he was jailed. We are not told if he attended a court but the fact remains that the plan was for him to rot in jail. What appears like a disaster became a blessing in disguise. He met a key person that would one day introduce him to Pharaoh whom will appoint him as the first Prime Minister.

Things never really happened to me until I make that choice for a change as I stand seeing me as the man in the mirror and you know what, the universe responded. The universe went into action to materialize my choice. So what happened to this same universe before? I made a choice to be a medical doctor but it looks like the earth stood still without eyes and ears to see and hear me. There are events in my life I cannot explain and I have no explanation for but the fact is I came to a cross road where I must make a choice to preserve my life.

One of the most amazing faculties we have is our power of choice. As soon as we decide that we are going to be happy no matter what, the Universe moves in miraculous ways to get us there. So stop saying you don’t have a choice. You have the power to choose. The power of choice is a weapon and you must learn to use it. Your choices are determining the kind and quality of your results in every aspect of your life. One of the most incredible gifts provided to you on this planet, is the Power to Choose. What you choose, you receive unconditionally.

The power of choice is God’s gift, but it’s up to you to use it wisely. Your life is a result of your decisions and your choices. In life, while you are not always able to control what happens on the outside, you can always choose how you want to respond and what you want to experience in the inside. How you respond and what you experience is largely dependent on what meaning you choose to impose on to what is happening. This is a key distinction - no matter the circumstance or situation, you will always have the choice as to what something means to you personally and how you want to respond in accordance.

Have you ever examined the choices and decisions you made and those you should have made? Have you ever considered why certain decisions were made? Have you ever considered why you did this or did not do that? What was the motivation that brought you to where you are today and why are you not somewhere else? Maybe you are disappointed in yourself about all the choices you made. Maybe you are happy about most of your choices.

The power of choice lets you affect your destiny. By losing our life to Christ, we gain it. By holding to Jesus’s teaching, we gain the freedom of eternal life. When we choose God’s way, we no longer have to worry whether we did the right thing. Even if circumstances should go badly, God will turn things for our good. So the power of choice is not a myth but the most solid truth you can find. When we choose God and let His way dictate all of our choices, we receive the freedom that no other choice can equal.

You can keep wishing to discipline yourself to make changes. You can do that right at the spot, or the following week, or the following month or even next year. It’s all up to you. But, you want change in your life; you have to start to use the power of choice that is given to you. Nobody likes change; many of us have to walk up to a brick wall and in a way to be forced to make choices, otherwise we keep postponing and putting things off. We created our circumstances by our past choices. We have both the ability and the responsibility to make better choices beginning today. People need the truth.

You cannot keep on making the wrong choices day after day that will bring you in the wrong circumstances at the wrong time with the wrong people even. You must re-evaluate your choices and then you must make the very choices that will bring life, happiness and joy into your daily lives. You have the power. As the saying goes “The Choice is yours.”

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