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Repositioning Yourself

Some people complain about everything in life. Some people are naturally positive and optimistic, whereas others tend to see the world in a more negative light and always think the glass is half-empty. I have come to a point where I understand that there is someone out there who will feel they are in paradise if they are in my position. Yes I want to be better, I want better for me and my family. I work harder to make living better than what it is at the moment but that does not stop me from being grateful for who I am at the moment and celebrate the life I have.

Shit happens that are not down to you. Watching the F1 and Lewis Hamilton he has got more than the share of bad luck already and I was just wondering what I would do if I was in his position. The shit in is life was not down to him. He did all he could in the best way possible from engine failure, to break failure, the fire on his engine and being accidentally taken out of a race by his teammate. Things are just getting messy. At the moment he is the fastest driver but the issues with his car means his teammate might end up at the end to be the champion and with the way the world is no body will remember all the bad luck Lewis experienced even if it was not his own making as people don’t spend time celebrating the second best. This is why no matter what you must strive to be the best in your job, the best spouse and parent, the best in anything the Lord has placed in your hands.

What do you do when you feel like you have tried everything and you are still not getting the results you have dreamt of and set as your intentions? How do you maintain your hope and faith in the midst of adversity? Where do you find a reservoir of patience while you wait for new clues and the manifestation of your goals? Basically, what do you do when an illness doesn’t heal, a house you are done with doesn’t sell, or you can’t find another job? What do you do when your job applications have not be read and you have not been called for an interview but you are very broke? What do you do when your spouse refused to change and still wants a divorce despite all your effort to make the marriage work?

Surely I don’t have a very straight forward specific answer here why because in each of these issues the situations are all different, the circumstances are not the same. Hanging in there during these times often calls upon all of our inner strength and perseverance. We try to follow our intuition and do the “right” think with positive thinking, but when the struggle goes on too long, we can lose our belief in our goal and feel very stuck and discouraged. I remember always that Abraham hoped against hope so I just hang in there and keep pushing. At this stage I have come too far to give up.

There are times you need to step back from the current situation and look into your life history for similar situations and times you handled this kind of challenge well. Also look for a pattern that keeps repeating itself because it may be time to change, like not setting boundaries or working too much. Do some soul searching to see if there are hidden fears about having your goal. Be confident to deal with any fears you uncover.

There are no excuses if you must succeed in life. If you’re not satisfied with your life it is your responsibility to make that desired change. Making changes involves taking some risk so don’t be afraid to take some risk. You need to stamp your foot and stop flirting with the tragedy of a past life. Stop living in regret and start improving your chances of making it through this time around. Give yourself the opportunity to succeed.

The reality is we’re constantly repositioning ourselves and being repositioned by other people. What does it mean to be positioned? It’s a term from the marketing world, and positioning is the process through which a company attempts to create an image or identity for their product or service in the minds of their target audience. Repositioning is changing that perception. Repositioning yourself, or playing with the way others perceive you is a layered process that usually works in a circular, rather than linear fashion. Attitude and actions determine perceptions. In the end, the perception is the reality.

Reposition yourself is for you to become a better you. The most successful people don’t keep their success by doing the same thing over and over forever. Sometimes you have to switch it up a bit, try doing it a different way, or head in a different direction. This is the essence of repositioning yourself for success. Think about a business trying to survive in today’s economic climate. Do you think they’re going to operate the same way they did five years ago? Are they going to spend the same amount of money on payroll, marketing, or operating expenses? As an entrepreneur you’ll be faced with these types of situations at any given season in your life. It’s how you reposition yourself that will determine if you’re successful or not.

Repositioning yourself isn’t about making money; it’s about taking the limits off your life. It’s about taking your business to the next level. Don’t allow anything to entrap you in life. The whole goal of repositioning yourself is to maintain the success you’ve attained and make strategic moves to become more successful. If you are not yet successful then you need to look at reasons why you have been in the same condition and situation and workout what you need to reposition that will bring the success you so much desire.

I don’t like the smell of my shit; it is not a perfume that is the truth so why should I put on with the shitty smell of other people. What I am saying to you is the fact that you need to drop those baggage’s that weigh you down and extinct you even before you get started. I had to drop a lot of my clients in order for me to move on and get to the next level. I even dropped lots of friends, churches, pastors and many more you won’t believe because I need to go to the next level. When I get to the next level some of them will come to celebrate with me but hanging with them is seriously bad because they are weighing me down and I am suffocating meaning with them in my life there was no way I would be successful.

Whenever you’re in a transitional state of your life, your decisions will have an impact on your business and note that you are your business so I am not necessarily talking about having a company; you’re the company, you’re the organization. Whether it’s positive or negative will be determined on the quality of your decisions. So, go into your quiet space and pray for the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to make quality decisions.

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