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Dealing with Life’s Challenges Featured

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Dealing with Life’s Challenges

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. You can’t change or control what happens to you, or the challenges that you may encounter in life. But you can pay attention to how you respond to them. Meeting challenges responsibly is hard work. Challenges show you what homework you still need to do; they show you the level that you are at. When a challenge hits you, you need to take your attention off why it happened, and focus on what’s now? You need to put your full attention on you, what you are feeling and thinking, and how you are taking care of you.

Paying attention pays greater reward because the moment you start paying attention, you will begin to notice what your mind is made up of and you will begin to see things deeper than they appear to the ordinary eyes. This gives you the basic information needed to deal with the challenge appropriately hence making you a winner in that instance. You will understand if you are resisting the situation, if you are slipping into a condition of blame without taking responsibility or if you are feeling outrage, shame, guilt or self-pity. You will know that it is not the time for pity party but to deal with the challenge so you can be above the challenge and not underneath it.

Understanding to me is simply. It is what is under that makes it stand. Understanding your challenges is a great tool for dealing with them because you know what is under the challenge that gives it so much power to torment and ridicule you. So you stand tall, face straight and head up as you overcome every obstacle the challenge comes with. As a matter of fact you use the challenge for your own gain. So what comes to tear you apart actually empowers you. And this is the actual fact. Challenges come so you can advance and be promoted but most times because you look from a negative perspective, you only get what you see from it.

Challenges provide you with the opportunity to notice what your mind is trying to hook you with. Through your response to challenges, you are able to evolve your thinking, and thus evolve the way you respond to life and the way you use both your natural, physical and spiritual energy. When you can observe what your mind is making up, you are then in a position to change it, and use your energy more responsibly.

Your life may feel like it is falling apart but I must tell you that this is great because this tells me that you're on the right track. Life is changing so fast, the speed of evolution is super-high speed and all you do is chasing. You are yet to figure out how to be ahead. So no matter how smart you think you are you will face some uncertain issues that will look like your existence is being erased. You don’t have to be afraid. Life can feel very intense. Challenges come from every direction and old ways of coping no longer work. We are all facing problems in the areas of relationships, finances or health. We would like nothing better than to have the ‘problem’ disappear. I know this sound familiar and it does because without pretence we all face these issues.

Millionaires and billionaires face crisis. I have read of so many multimillionaires that could not cope anymore so they decided to take their own life. So if you think money will solve all your problems you’re deluded. The only things you can really control and change in this life are your own perceptions, thought patterns and behaviour. Controlling your own perceptions, thought patterns and behaviour is enough; it is all you need in life. It is the foundation that will draw in the wealth you need and the happiness you seek for. That’s your ticket into creating a life, any kind of life you love. Challenges can provide the ride that will take you there. You need that ride to get there. That ride is very important. You must fight to have that ride otherwise you won’t get there. Yes if there are no challenges in your life then you must invite them as you can see how important they are.

So how can you deal with the challenges you face?

Perception Matters a Lot
You either see the cup as half full or half empty. The way you see things matters a lot. The way you look at things will determine the way you see things. The information you have in you will determine the way you look at things. The things you spend most time with will shape the kind of information you store in you. Here you can see how your time plays a bigger role in your life. The things you see and how you see them is determined on what you spend time with.

Everything in life is perceived. How you perceive life depends on the things and people that have influenced you: school, society, friends, family, TV. So, you may think something is bad or good, but in reality it is neither. You were taught to perceive it the way you do. The way you react to problems has also been taught to you. And by changing the way you perceive them, you will be able to deal much more efficiently with any problem that comes on your path.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”—Charles Swindoll

How you perceive things determines the 90%.

Accept and Let Go
When I am face with something I can’t change I accept it. When I don’t I get worried and may even lose things in other areas that was working alright. When you don’t let things be you become stress and this can affect your personality. Accept your life as it is now but don’t settle for less. It doesn’t matter how many or what kind of challenges you are facing. See them as opportunities for growth. This way there is no point in feeling bad about them anymore. They are here to help you.

To accept means to acknowledge and until you acknowledge your own weaknesses as you face the challenge you will not overcome it. You will be imprisoned by it. Let go of your fears, stress, and frustrations toward this situation and the people involved, even if you think someone else is to blame for your situation. Feeling anger or hatred toward this person will only affect you negatively.

Focus On Everything That Is Working
When I worry it affects other areas in my life that had no issues. I bring a negative environment and this affects my totality so I must protect me from this by focusing on areas things are working. In simply words all I am saying is that you shouldn't dwell on everything you think your life lacks. Instead, pay attention to what’s going right. I have the life that I want: I write every day. I take risks. I seek opportunities to use my skills. I’m sowing the seeds.

Other people might not recognize the abundance in my life because on the surface, I have challenges—but I recognize it. I may not be successful in the way the world classify success but I am on a journey and as the day progresses, as time changes I am getting closer and closer. I am improving every passing moment so I concentrate in what I am doing right now. It is working. People are being inspired. When they share with me I feel their pain, their joy, their victory and this motivates me to even give more of me on what I do that seems to be working.

My web developer and I have been engage in a project for the past two years without the result we’re both seeking for. We concentrate on areas it is working and keep pushing and as the days go by we learn more and improve. Focusing on lack is not an option. Negativity is not constructive. The important thing is that I know what I want and I can make it happen. There are few things in this life that are impossible but you always have a choice. You don’t have to live in the shadow of what could have been if you shine a light on what’s working to allow it to grow. So get up and take action for a change. Every change comes with a challenge.

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