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Looking Back with Profit Featured

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Looking Back with Profit

Many times we have been advised to leave the past alone and look forward. This advice is not wrong but it is not complete either. The reason this advice is given is the fact that many people look at the pain the past present and they refused to leave that pain behind. The pain becomes their stumbling block for advancing in life and this can be really negative. When the nights are long and you can’t sleep for all the sadness of a past left unresolved; when you cannot grasp the future squarely and move on; when the past haunts both your waking hours and your dreams, it’s likely that you’re in the grip of anxiety and inertia. There will always come a point at which you must cease to stay stuck in the past or it will define you and mark every step you take. So yes it could be advisable to leave the past behind but it is not the real deal. It is not the complete solution.

There are two things about the past. The first is the pain and the second is the experience. I think they are both positive and negative. They both present to you profit and loss. At the end it all depends on how you look at it. What you search from it will deliver your search result. If you want negative outcome the search will give you a negative result. The same applies if you want a positive result. All the internet search engines cannot give you more than what you asked for. You determine what the search results are. If you use the same search term with an advanced option the results will be slightly or drastically different.

When you feel captured and imprisoned by your past the best advice here is to let go of the past. This is what everyone will say to you but how can you let go of something that you are not holding. The past is actually holding you captive. You are in prison and caged meaning; you are vulnerable and powerless. Since the past is in control of your thoughts and your thinking, you have surrendered and yield your entirety to the dictation and manipulation of the past. You need to be freed. You need to breakout from this imaginary prison you caged yourself. The truth is you have the keys because you are the prison warden. You are torturing yourself to death and the only person that can rescue you out of this imprisonment is you.

I don’t know what is in your past that makes you so miserable and think that the world is not a good place for you. I don’t know why you are worried, embarrassed and ashamed of your past. We are all going through some emotional patch in a way. The difference is on how we deal with it. Your world will not end because you made some bad decisions. Your world will only end because you refused to live life to its fullest.

Humility is important because it keeps you focused on your own growth rather than the faults of others. If you worry about impressing others, they will start to tell you what they want you to be and you will lose part of yourself. Humility helps you learn from mistakes instead of being ashamed of them. Humility helps you treat others as equals, different yet equal. Humility lets you learn from others. It keeps you free from prejudice and from judging others. To practice humility, don’t pay a lot of attention to what others say about you, good or bad. When you are humble, you don’t worry over your mistakes. Instead, you are eager to learn from them. You pay attention to what you have to learn rather than what you have already done.

Your situation may look like a curse but I have come to understand that there is a blessing in the curse. There is a breakthrough in the disastrous event. Every negative situation has in it the solution but at the end you only get from it what you are looking for in it. I ask myself what can I learn from this, than I take the lesson forward and let the rest go. It doesn’t feel like a mistake if it taught me something. I can view it as a gift and be better for having received it. People will see what they want to see, give them the gift of your current best and never lose faith in your ability to learn to do better. Trust and reputation take time and commitment to rebuild, be patient with yourself and with those who see only who you used to be, have faith in their ability to learn as well. Just keep loving and learning and you’ll be fine.

No matter how bad the mistake is I look back with the aim to profit from it so I can learn and grow and live above the exact kind of situation when it presents itself to me again in the future. If it is emotion and someone is involve I practice forgiveness. I understand that I am not doing my self any good if I hold a grudge because I am the one that is in bondage. I don’t want anyone to lord over my soul. I make sure I flush the anger and move on. I shower love to myself so I can be the best I have been created to be. I treat myself with dignity and respect as best I can in the moment.

Practice compassion. You should practice to forgive the ways you have blamed, shamed, abandoned, neglected, hurt, rejected, judged yourself and anyone else. Show up. Accept you for you, notice what has hurt and nurture it like you would nature one of the children in your life. The inner you, just like little kids, needs assurance that you are loved and accepted just as you are, even when your behaviour causes discomfort, hurt, or pain. The truth is you are human. Your life has purpose. You need to practice being a stellar friend to yourself, thank life for granting you clarity to see how you will like to be.

Nobody’s perfect, those who really matter will know what kind of person you really are and forgive your mistakes, those who think less of you because of they think they are better than you will always look down on you but you need to forget them and move on. Besides, how can we learn to be better without making mistakes in life? Forgive yourself, learn from your mistakes, move on........maybe when we make poor decisions, causing us to do regretful things, it also helps us to be not as judgmental towards others making the same mistakes we once did.

As long as you learn how the past decisions negatively affect you, you need to accept it, and take the steps to prevent that from happening again. The main lesson here is to profit from it rather than getting depressed. Let the thoughts and feelings go. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between negative and positive thinking like your emotional mind does. All it recognizes is the amount of activity that comes from either and aims to produce more of that.

The more you are focusing on the negative past the more you will end up thinking about it and the more it will bother you. However, the more positive you think about the past and the gratitude you have for the moment, the more positive energy you will project to your environment and you will receive positive outcome in the end for what you see in the situation is what you will get from the situation.

Stop dealing in the currency of regret. Almost everything is a teachable moment so learn from the nasty experience and profit from it.

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