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Ending the Year with a Positive Focus Featured

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Ending the Year with a Positive Focus

Looking back at the year what have you achieved? What are your disappointments and regrets? What are the things you would want to change and improve for next year? I never try to leave a life of regret. I learn from my past to better my today. No matter what the outcome is in life you should endeavour to maintain a positive focus in life. If you want to be successful in life you must learn the habits of the successful and administer these habits in your life. Successful people maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around them. They stay focused on their past successes rather than their past failures, and on the next action steps they need to take to get them closer to the fulfilment of their goals rather than all the other distractions that life presents to them.

There are people that have not given themselves the chance to succeed in life. They are extremely negative and they get anxious for nothing. You might blame their upbringing or other unforeseen circumstances but truth is we all have issues. At the end it is not the issues that define who we are but how we rise above whatever challenge life throws on us. I don’t know about you but for me I thrive to be happy and create a happy environment no matter what condition I find myself. I believe that we all want a happy life, and we all know that having a positive attitude feels better than having a negative attitude. But for some reason, we are all attracted to and can be easily drawn to the negative side. How do we go about to establish a more positive attitude as a daily habit?

It is not that easy to create a positive atmosphere where the air around you is very negative, everything that stands in front of you is absolutely negative as well. The truth is you have to make that conscious decision; you ought to be determined to create a positive life for yourself no matter what. While writing one of my books a friend who was very negative almost ruined my commitment. I distant myself from him until such a time when the book was publish so I can stay focus in writing what I desire to write about. I never want my book to be filled with negativity. The friend was the sales man of negative issues and I was not ready to buy his product.

Who is selling to whom? Are you selling to your friends or you are buying from them? Is it a trade by barter? Truth is with friends it is always a trade by barter as there are some habits you might pick from them unconsciously and some they pick from you as well. It is the same with family or those you adore and spend most of your time with. This is why you ought to be very careful of the circle of people you associate with in life. I did resign from a job once not because I wasn’t getting along, as a matter of fact I was the only one in the team that gets along with all the different fractions but the environment was poisoned with too much negativity so I have to leave them and move on. I have worked and paid a hard price in other to be positive, I refused to allow them take this away from me.

There too many events in life that will distract you. This makes it very difficult to maintain focus but it is necessary to and it is your obligation to maintain focus if you want to be a success in whatever you do. One thing you should always remember about yourself is the fact that you are very powerful. As a human once you have set up your mind to do something nothing can stop you. You need to engage in your power to maintain the focus you need for success. Know that you are not your feelings. You are not your circumstances. You are not even your mind. What you are is far greater, far superior, far more important, and far more mysterious than your conceptual mind tries to define. This is why you are far more powerful than you think you are.

Yesterday ended last night so let go and enjoy the moment or you will miss the amazing moment of today and the miss will be forever. Don’t allow anything from last night to hold you back. Don’t allow anything from the past to gold you back. Today is a new day and all things have become new, the old has passed away so don’t pass with it because if you do you will be a past tense. Stop fussing over trivial matters and start focusing on what’s really important to you. Don’t go through life expecting things to change. Life becomes hard and unfair when we decide to complain about things rather than trying to change them ourselves. Wake up to the truth that life is not a practice-run.

Some years back I heard a conversation that wasn’t meant for me. A dearest friend was running me down. This friend called me and after they thought I have hung up the mobile phone they started gossiping and running me down. I recognised all the voices in the background but at a point I knew that I was not meant to hear that conversation. So how do I deal with this? I pretended it never happened but I was cautious about these groups of friends. Confronting them was not the best option, my reaction or response matters most. I responded by loving them no matter what. Did it pay off? Yes it did. There have been some cases in my past where my approach of playing it cool didn’t work but that will not stop me from being me. They can’t force me to be something that I am not.

Everything in life is being controlled. The government have the greater portion of who they control and what they control. The only power of control I have is my emotions. We create our outside reality by the thoughts and beliefs we maintain about life in general. What we believe in our inner world, we see in our outer world. This is not the other way around. We all have problems, and we’re often tested by circumstances outside of our control. Even though you may not be in control of what’s going on outside of you, you most definitely can control your reaction to those situations.

One thing I have come to learn in life is the fact that no matter how bad the situation turns out to be there is always a positive somewhere in that situation, so look for the positive and build from there. There is the positive aspect and something good in everything; in every person, in every situation. If you don’t look for the positive you won’t find it. We have to look and sometimes we have to search hard. You have the power to change the outcome of the event. Today I don’t know what is holding you back, this is the end of one era and it is a new dawn so stay focus, stay positive and never allow the issues of the past to be a stumbling block. You deserve better so go for the best and don’t be your worst enemy.

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