Jefferson O. Imgbi is a coach, teacher, mentor, and family man. He became a mentor at the age of twenty-five while studying marine engineering at River State University of Science and Technology. There, he served as the resident clergy of the Victory-Life Campus Fellowship.

 In the years since he has served as a mentor to prisoners (through the Full Gospel Businessmen fellowship), homeless youth (as a youth pastor at Praise Chapel), and homeless UK citizens (as a St. Mungo’s volunteer).

 Imgbi has over thirty years of experience in customer service, including a two-year appointment as a regional sales executive for the Betterware UK Limited, Birmingham, Managing the South London region.

 He has written over three thousand inspirational blog posts and publishes an online devotional newsletter. His previous books include Football and Life: The Winning Mentality, Football and Life: The Game of Life, and "The Power of Image Nation." You can purchase his books from his Amazon Page.

 If you want to develop the right mental attitude to discover your true strength so you can tap into your passion to grow and become successful in your endeavour, you can join Jefferson's mentoring program "Start Here with Jefferson."

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 Imgbi lives in London with his wife and their four children.


The Blog

  • The Alchemy of Opportunity
    The Alchemy of Opportunity


    The year was 2020. As I knew it, the world had dissolved into a swirling vortex of lockdowns, uncertainty, and shattered dreams. My online learning platform, a beacon of hope nurtured for years, stood precariously on the brink, its future as opaque as the pandemic's timeline.

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  • Navigating Uncertainty
    Navigating Uncertainty

    Uncertainty. It hangs in the air like a phantom mist, shrouding the path ahead, whispering doubts, and stirring a cocktail of apprehension in our hearts. But before we get tangled in the thorns of anxiety, let's pause and consider this: uncertainty isn't some alien invader; it's woven into the very foundation of our existence.

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  • Sunshine and Rainbows
    Sunshine and Rainbows

    No journey is a sun-drenched paradise. Clouds will gather, rain will fall, and the wind will whip against your sails. But as rainbows follow every storm, so too do triumphs bloom alongside challenges in the fertile ground of your new beginning.

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  • Pruning and Flourishing
    Pruning and Flourishing

    So, you've planted your seeds of intention, their whispers stirring in the fertile ground of your new beginning.

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