I am a person of integrity with a right attitude and specific goals. I have high energy, I am enthusiastic, and I take absolute pride in my appearance and what I do. I have a sense of humour, lots of faith, wisdom, and the vision, empathy, and courage to use my talents effectively. I have discovered in me the many deposits of talent, and I am valuable in all works of life. I have character and am knowledgeable. My convictions are strong, and I have a healthy self-image, a passion for what is right, and a solid hope for the future.

I am an honest, sincere, hardworking person. I am tough but fair, and yet sensitive. I am disciplined, motivated, and focused. I am a good listener and patient but take decisive action. I am bold, authoritative, and confident, yet humble. I am an encourager, a good finder, an excellent communicator, and am developing winning habits. I am a student, a teacher, and a self-starter. I am obedient, loyal, responsible, dependable, and prompt. I have a servant’s heart, am ambitious, and I am a team player. I am personable, optimistic, and organised. I am consistent, considerate, and resourceful. I am intelligent, competent, persistent, and creative. I am healthconscious, balance, and sober. I am flexible, punctual, and thrifty. I am an honourable person who is genuinely grateful for the opportunity life has given me. These are the qualities of the winner I was born to be. I am fully committed to developing these marvellous qualities. Today is a new day; I am delighted because I have another opportunity to make the best of the day.

The Blog

  • The Alchemy of Opportunity
    The Alchemy of Opportunity


    The year was 2020. As I knew it, the world had dissolved into a swirling vortex of lockdowns, uncertainty, and shattered dreams. My online learning platform, a beacon of hope nurtured for years, stood precariously on the brink, its future as opaque as the pandemic's timeline.

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  • Navigating Uncertainty
    Navigating Uncertainty

    Uncertainty. It hangs in the air like a phantom mist, shrouding the path ahead, whispering doubts, and stirring a cocktail of apprehension in our hearts. But before we get tangled in the thorns of anxiety, let's pause and consider this: uncertainty isn't some alien invader; it's woven into the very foundation of our existence.

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  • Sunshine and Rainbows
    Sunshine and Rainbows

    No journey is a sun-drenched paradise. Clouds will gather, rain will fall, and the wind will whip against your sails. But as rainbows follow every storm, so too do triumphs bloom alongside challenges in the fertile ground of your new beginning.

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  • Pruning and Flourishing
    Pruning and Flourishing

    So, you've planted your seeds of intention, their whispers stirring in the fertile ground of your new beginning.

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