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It is true that sometimes life sucks and we all struggle to make ends meet. It is not supposed to be this way if you know who you are. You are not supposed to be broke, penniless, or poor. You have no excuse. I am not trying to be harsh, disrespectful, or sarcastic. I am just telling you the truth you have been avoiding. You have everything in life, and there is nothing I can think you lack. The feeling of scarcity is because of your mindset and the way you see the things about you. Everything you want and need is inside of you.

Deep inside you, there is a hunger to live a life of significance and purpose. You are working all day long to make meaning of the life you have. You have been searching for something to quench the tasted of the hunger. You are not satisfied because you are too hungry for satisfaction. The key to satisfying your hunger for meaning is understanding one fundamental principle: you are a steward of everything you have. By not realising you are a steward, it is easy to get the loss as a steward. God has entrusted you with individual resources, gifts, and abilities. These things rightfully belong to him. Your responsibility is to live by that trust by managing these things well, according to his design and desire.

God created you for a purpose and for that purpose he created you with perfection. There is none like you. You are special and unique. You are not a duplicate or a photocopy. You are the best of who you are. You are the only best of you. Stop trying to be anyone else. Stop trying to be a photocopy or a duplicate of someone else. People do not regard photocopies. Stop selling yourself cheap. You must discover who you are and embrace yourself. It is time to stop disrespecting yourself with comparison with others, but rather respect yourself by falling in love with you and taking you out for a date all through your life.

I hope you know how truly magnificent you are because you are. The situations of life might tell you otherwise, you do not have to believe the lies your situation tells you about who you are. You are free to love yourself more than ever and accept the good things about you that makes you who you are. You are loved and lovable. You must start believing in yourself. The bottom line is love. Love yourself. It is the foundation for everything else. Life is simple once you realise love is the master key that opens every door. You are a magician that has the power to affect others with the love that flows from you. People will try, but they cannot take away the power from you. You are a part of this wonderful love-filled story, and no one else can play your part but you.

Do you give up when faced with obstacles? Your perception of obstacles makes a difference. Some people see obstacles as a disaster, some see it as a puzzle to solve, and some see it as an opportunity for greatness. You react base on how you view the barriers to achieving your goals. You will be overwhelmed with obstacles if that is what you see in your difficulties, because either your emotions or thoughts can cause you to stop working on your goals, you lose passion and start giving up. When this happens, your goals are no longer relevant to you. So you stopped trying just because of the way you react to your obstacles.

Sometimes I am told that I am over positive. I do not think one can be over positive. There is no choice for one not to be positive. If you know about you what I know about me, you will forever be positive no matter the situation and barriers in your life. Because of what I know about me, I refuse to give up, I refuse to be beaten down, and even when I fall I refuse to stay down. Nothing is more powerful than the mind. I work on my mind, so my mind will work best for me. I refused to accept defeat. I am more than a conqueror. I refused to allow my condition to define who I am. I know I have underachieved and I am working every day to be the person I have been created to be with all the deposits of wealth in my body.

Roughly ninety per cent of the mass of the human body is made up of just four elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, with a lot of that in the form of water. The remaining four per cent is a sparse sampling of the periodic table of elements. The periodic table is a chart showing all the elements in the earth. Your body contains all the elements of the earth. The remaining four per cent is a trace of all the other elements. Some of the most prominent representatives are macronutrients, whereas those appearing only at the level of parts per million or less are micronutrients. These nutrients perform various functions, including the building of bones and cell structures, regulating the body’s pH, carrying charges, and driving chemical reactions.

Elements are compelling. You can make several combinations to manufacture whatever you need. Here are some elements and their uses:

  • Aluminium is used to build aeroplanes.
  • Beryllium used for non-sparking copper alloy tools, aerospace, X-ray windows, beryl gems: emeralds and aquamarines.
  • Chlorine used in bleach, in chemicals to kill germs in swimming pools, and found with the element sodium in table salt.
  • Copper used for electric wires, pots, pans, and pennies.
  • Gold used for jewellery and precious decorative pieces.
  • Helium used for nuclear fusion, balloons, lasers, supercooled refrigerant.
  • Hydrogen is a life organic molecule.
  • Iron used in the construction of buildings, steel and machines. Helium used in blimps and balloons.
  • Lithium, used in lightweight aluminium alloys, batteries, impact-resistant ceramic cookware, mood stabiliser.
  • Mercury use in thermometers.
  • Neon use in many lights and signs.
  • Nitrogen used in fertilisers.
  • Oxygen is necessary for respiration.
  • Scandium used for aluminium alloys, racing bikes, stadium lamps, furnace bricks, aquamarines.
  • Sodium combines with chlorine to make table salt.
  • Sulphur is used to make sulfuric acid and some medicines such as pet powders.

Here, I listed only a few of the elements in your body. Considering the fact all the element on earth is in your body, it means you have a wealth of the earth in you. You have all it will take to achieve whatever you want to accomplish on earth. You are the master of the universe. Nothing can limit or stop you. You are the only one that can stop you. No matter how busy you are, it is essential to look at your wealth – health. You have no reason to be poor. You have no reason to look down on yourself. You need to find a way to make use of all the elements in your body to generate wealth. You have the seed of success, start sowing.

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