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It is the first week of January 2019, lots of New Year Resolution is flying around. I see more runners on the streets of London working hard to keep fit. I am not here to spoil their party, but I know they will not be able to sustain it. The reason I know is that the statistics collected over

the years says so.

From a YouGov survey “When we first asked about 2017 New Year’s resolutions in the first week of January, 21% of Brits said that they had made them. Of those who had, one in five (22%) had already failed to keep to all their resolutions, just six days into the year. Fast forward to the 21st of December and only a quarter (27%) of those who made New Year’s resolutions had managed to keep with them all with one and a half weeks to go. By contrast, 64% have not kept to them all, while a further 9% said don’t know. The crossover point appears to have been around early May – in mid-May 47% of those who had made resolutions had still kept to all of them, while 49% had blown at least one of them. Among those who’ve not managed to keep to all their resolutions so far, only 10% have succeeded in keeping most of them. Around half (48%) say they’ve kept to some of them, while 39% say they kept none of them (taken as a proportion of everyone that made resolutions, this means that about 25% of people have broken all of them this year).”

I hate New Year’s Resolution because it is unrealistic. The intention to make a New Year’s Resolution might be genuine, there is no way you can wake up one morning and change an entire lifestyle. It takes time to change any habit. Usually, most people don’t think it will take time. They want to stop smoking like it is magical. Some people are disciplined enough to pull through. If it works for them, then it is beautiful. For most people, they must understand what it takes to develop a new habit that will stick.

Starting the New Year with an entirely new life makes me a stranger to a life I am not familiar. Rather than being a stranger, I want to enjoy life to its fullest and make the most of it. I don’t want my habits to be a pain. I don’t want to stop doing most of the things I am currently doing. It took me many years to develop myself to this point. All I want to do is to improve what I am doing, so I can do better everything I am doing right now.

Truth is 40% of the decisions you make daily are not decisions; they stem from your habits. You are unconsciously making these decisions through your habits. The current life you are living is all about your habits. The future life will also be about your habits. You cannot run away from your habits. You go through most of your days engaging in good habits, routines and activities. Habits are essential, and therefore I said you must make your habits work for you. It is slightly too expensive to change my entire wardrobe overnight; there must be a process.

To lose weight, you need a process. You will fail if you don’t have a process. To lose weight, you must be engaged in a process where you gain and lose calories to create a caloric deficit. To lose weight, you must combine diet, exercise, sleep, training the brain, and having a healthy lifestyle. To succeed you must follow the process, and you must be health conscious.

From the description of losing weight, the one word that connects everything is the word “PROCESS.” A process is as a series of actions or steps taken to achieve an end. To lose weight, you must make a series of actions or steps. You must participate, take action. As a human, you need a life process to survive. You need nutrition, transportation, metabolism, respiration, reproduction, excretion, etc. The list is endless. Every activity makes up the life cycle that keeps you alive. You cannot do one and leave the other. They come like a pack.

Making New Year’s Resolution has the word NEW ascribed to it. It is like you are killing off the old you and starting from the beginning. If this is it, then you are wasting. I have a plan to continue to improve the quality of my life every single moment. The moment the opportunity presents itself, I grab it. I am determined to make the very best of my life. I have decided to be unlimited, never to allow anything to stop me. I have sworn no matter the challenges and obstacles, and I will make the rest of my life the best of my life.

My life, as a result, is a Process Life Cycle (PLC). PLC does not mean the Public Liability Company in this article. PLC is a Process Life Cycle. What is the Process Life Cycle? A process is an entity which represents the basic unit of work to be implemented in a system. Earlier we agreed a process is as a series of actions or steps taken to achieve an end. They are saying the same thing from different angles. There is a basic unit of work to be implemented in a process. You have a mindset here that you are not just going to make wishful promises, you are going to work and get results.

To accomplish a process, you need a program. Here I have another definition of a process. A process is a program in execution. Program is a set of related measures or activities with a long-term aim. The process lifecycle is long term, and not a quick fix procedure. A process life cycle ensures you do the following:

  • Plan
  • Analyse
  • Design and Create
  • Implement
  • Maintain

A plan is a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. You need a comprehensive plan. You need to examine the plan methodically, and in details, so you can explain and interpret it – Analyse. Through design, you create the functionality of the plan. Implementation is the action that must follow some preliminary thinking for something to happen. Implementation is the carrying out, execution, or practice of a plan. Maintenance is about continuity, thereby sustaining the process.

There is growth in a process lifecycle. Your life is not static; it is progressive. There are different stages. You continue to develop yourself and grow in the various stages of life. You make the most of every stage of your life. You have the source of life in you. Nothing can stop you. To attain success, you must embrace life and stay active, have conscious awareness, participate, and make the most of life. Embrace your life with love and awareness.

No matter what life throws at me, I have decided to make the most of life. I have decided to make this year work for me because I am the master of the universe.


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