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Creating Habits that Work Featured

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The word habit from Merrian-Webster dictionary most often refers to a usual way of behaving or a tendency that someone has settled in, as in "good eating habits. A habit is a routine of behaviour that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously. Habit is a  routine or practice performed periodically. Habit is an automatic response to a specific situation. A habit has incredible atomic power.

Habits are the reward of self-improvement. You need the right habit to succeed in life. The compound interest of self-improvement is a habit, and the compound interest increases exponentially by multiplication. The effect of one's habit multiplies as you practice and repeat these habits. It same goes with either a good or a bad habit. You need to be careful not to exhibit a bad habit because it will multiply and give you the kind of result that is not productive. Habits make a difference in your life because of the degree of impact they have in your life. Habits grow, and with time they become enormous and powerful.

The cost of a bad habit is not a joke. A bad habit can make you a perpetual failure if you don't overcome these habits. Don't allow any lousy habit to drain your life. The value of making small daily improvements is enormous and yet can be underestimated. Also, it is easy to overestimate the importance of one defining moment. Don't take things for granted. You need to work on yourself continuously so that you will deliver the best. You need to develop an outstanding habit that will open closed doors unto you.

Life is a journey; as such, it makes sense if you continue to develop your habit gradually and consistently. You need to be conscious of who you are. You need to be aware of the habits you want to change. You need to embrace the habits that are working for you. You need to develop the best version of yourself. No effort is small. Every day there should be progress. You cannot afford to be stagnant.

You need to appreciate life on a daily bases. You must learn to appreciate changes, no matter how small the difference. When you make a change, the results are not instantaneous. The transformation of change takes longer, and this can open the door for bad habits to resurface. It is easy to dismiss a single decision that could be the difference between your success or failure. You need the discipline to stay focused and continue to pursue your goal. Nothing can stop you.

Sadly, the slow pace of transformation can make it easy to let a lousy habit resurface as you lose focus on the new habit. If you eat an unhealthy meal today, the scale doesn't move much. If you work late tonight and ignore your family, they will forgive you. If you procrastinate and put your project off until tomorrow, there will usually be time to finish it later. A single decision is easy to dismiss. Decisions determine your destiny, as well. Your daily routine affects your life, your relationship, your finance, your social life, your personal, growth, your business, and your entirety. It doesn't matter if you want to make a tiny or massive shift; your habit is the major league player.

Your daily routine affects not only your private life, but also your finances, your social life, your relationships, your work or business, ​​​​your personal growth, and everything. So whether you want to make a tiny shift or take a  massive, gigantic, life-changing step - you should start with your habits!

It is not too late to start developing a new habit today. Three weeks may not sound like a very long time, but you can create powerful habits within 21 days. And how long it takes a new habit to form can vary widely depending on the behaviour, the person, and the circumstances. If a habit is hindering you, then it is time not to procrastinate. You need to drop the habit and start working on the one that will empower you and enable you to achieve your goals.

You need a strategy for every new habit. A strategy is a plan that helps you reach your goals. A strategy is a way to give yourself the structure that will help you succeed. Set up a timeline and a system of accountability. Decide how you'll reward yourself at critical milestones and how you'll deal with slips. Bring together an appropriate support network, whether it's an individual or a group.

Think of it as behaviour replacement. If you're ending a behaviour, especially one that was woven into your day, find something specific to do in its place. Every habit can be replaced. You need to be positive. You must use your imagination to create your success in forming a new habit. Use the power of your imagination.

Good habits result from resisting temptations. The best way to form a new habit is to remove anything that will tempt you into your old ways, to restructure your environment so it won't tempt you. As much as possible, remove anything that keeps you tied to your old ways. If you want to stop smoking, don't keep cigarettes around.

Each day the results of habit are up to 40 percent of our actions, not our decisions. Scientists concluded that the replacement of just one set of neurological patterns could overhaul them all.

It is more effective to target your habit if you want a lasting change. Without your consent, a habit can emerge. The brain creates a habit loop that looks for a trigger to cue a behaviour, and it saves energy by doing so. To form a habit loop, the brain first looks for a cue, a trigger that tells your brain when to begin the next element, the routine. Of course, this routine won't stick without a reward, which reinforces to your brain that the habit loop is worth it.

For you to make any change in your life, it will require you to raise your standards. You must overcome your environment and be the master. You can either change your environment or have a higher standard than your peers. Don't allow people with bad habits to influence you.

Creating a habit that works, you need to make a decision first. You will decide the habit you want to learn and be conscious of it as you go along. Don't let yourself off the hook. Never allow a day of exception. Use the power of visualisation to create your successfulness as you engage in the new habit. Create a repeated affirmation and say it as often as possible. Repetition will automatically increase your speed at which you develop the new habit. It will also boost your confidence. Continue to engage in the new habit and soon with will become automatic. Don't forget to reward yourself. Make sure you are happy. Happiness is an advantage.

Success requires discipline. You also need to be consistent and be aware of your goal. Always remind yourself why you're making the change and continue to affirm the benefit of the change.


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