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Power of Intentionality. Featured

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Power is the ability to use force at speed.

The intention is a mental state representing a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future. Intention involves mental activities such as planning and forethought.

Intentions could be declared and clearly defined. In other instances, when undeclared or masked, they could be detected out of context, circumstances that determine, specify, or clarify the meaning of an event or other occurrence.

Mental mechanisms, including intention, explain behaviour in that individuals are seen as actors who have desires and attempt to achieve goals directed by beliefs. Hence, an intentional action is a function to accomplish the desired goal and is based on the belief that the course of action will satisfy the desire.

The Law of Intentionality states that growth does not "just happen." Growth must be intentional.  What is your plan for intentional growth? Do you have one?

In life, change is inevitable; growth is optional. Everything grows. You are not created to be stagnant without increasing. Your personal growth matters. You have to be intentional about your personal growth or your growth in general. The sooner you understand and start applying the principles that will enhance your growth in life, the better it is because growth compounds and accelerates as you remain intentional about it.

Some people are just waiting for something to happen before they start personal development, and soon they are no longer relevant in positions. They soon discover that the world is mobile. What used to work yesterday is no longer viable today. The world is growing at an alarming rate. Things are never going to be the same. There are new technologies and more advanced options that need the right skills. If you continue to wait for the perfect condition before you start developing yourself, you will remain and become useless. You need to constantly upgrade your skills.

The Law of Diminishing Intent says, "The longer you wait to do something you should do now, the greater the odds that you will never actually do it."

Some people call this law procrastination, or hesitation, or fear. We all procrastinate from time to time. We all hesitate and miss out as well. Sometimes fear will keep us stagnant. What is holding you back? Why are you not progressing in your career? Why is your marriage not improving? Are you blaming everyone else instead of identifying areas you think you should improve?

The world would accomplish so much if everyone decides to do what they intended to do. Most people don't act as quickly as they should on things. They find themselves subject to the Law of Diminishing Intent. We get an idea, and we're excited about it – it makes us happy, energised, and inspired. And yet, we take no action. We are waiting for a miracle somewhere to propel us to act.

Too many people learn only from the school of hard knocks. Difficult experiences teach them "the hard way," and they change—sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. The lessons are random and complicated. It's much better to plan your growth intentionally. You decide where you need or want to grow, you choose what you will learn, and you follow through with discipline going at the pace you set. That is power in action.

One of the biggest excuses I have heard in my life that if I am paid £1 anytime, this excuse is made, would make me a billionaire overnight is "I don't have time." How come others have time to grow, and you don't? It is not important enough for you to create the time. If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse. You have a choice here to intentionally have results rather than have excuses. "I don't have time" is the grown-up version of "My dog eat my homework." Instead of saying "I don't have time", try saying "It's not a priority," and see how that feels.

Assumption will paralyse you. The reason some people do not grow is that they assume growth is automatic. There is a huge problem in making assumptions. You end up believing the assumptions are accurate. When you make an assumption, you misunderstand, take it personally, and react by sending emotional poison with your word. This creates a whole big drama for nothing. Assumptions are dangerous, especially when they are made in the heat of the moment. Always take a moment to breathe, calm down, and think.

Intentionality can be described as the fact of being deliberate or purposive. Intentionality is a term that can be applied to every aspect of your life. For you to get the most out of life, you have to be intentional. Success does not just occur overnight; it takes years of consistency, practice, intentionality, focus, perseverance, and failure for you to become successful.

For you to be able to thrive in your endeavours, you have to be intentional about how you spend your time. For your marriage to work, you have to be intentional about how you grow your relationship. Anything you leave to chance, or are not committed to, will eventually fall apart. If you are a parent, you have to be intentional with the time you spend with your child or children. If you are married, you have to be intentional with the time you spend with your spouse, and if you want to be physically fit, you have to be intentional about the time you spend and activities you embark upon to keep you in shape.

We all have a valuable gift that is misused, and that gift is the gift of time. I was told there is one thing we all have in common with Bill Gates, who is a billionaire. I was told we all have equal twenty-four hours in a day. That used to be the case, but it is no longer the case. He has more than twenty-four hours in a day because he bought other people's time through employment. He understood the value of time, so he paid others and took their time. We can attribute most of our successes and failures to how well we spend our time.

The most influential people we see or hear about today are intentional with the time they have. They spend their time dreaming and then spend more time staying committed to those dreams. They discovered the power of intentionality and stuck with it; they saw a need in society and were intentional about doing something about it.

Sometimes, we may be full of all these great hopes and dreams and then do nothing about it. If you don't take that first step, nothing is going to happen. Do not put off tomorrow what you can accomplish today. The world is eagerly waiting for you to step out and shine! And be who you were created to be. You will not be able to achieve the life you want if you don't tap into the power of intentionality, which is you just simply being intentional about everything. When your intentions are clear, so is the way.


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