Sunday, 02 June 2019 07:32

You Are the Opportunity.

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The word opportunity comes from the Latin term opportunitas, which is composed of two other terms: ob, meaning “toward”, and portus, meaning “port.”  This word came about in the realm of navigation, where sailors used the phrase ob portus to denote the best combination of wind,

current, and tide to sail to port. However, the only way to seize such weather conditions is as if the vessel’s captain had already sighted the port of destination. Knowing the weather conditions without knowing the destination was useless. Therefore, a ship was in a state of opportunitas when its captain had decided where to go and knew how to get there. Later, however, the word evolved in a different direction to denote only external conditions while excluding the individual who would seize them. — Luis E. Romero.

Sunday, 05 May 2019 08:21

The Journey of Self-Discovery.

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Self-discovery is the act or process of achieving self-knowledge. It is the act or process of gaining knowledge or understanding of your abilities, character, and feelings. Self-discovery is the process you are aware of your true potential, character, motives, etc. Who are you? You want to discover yourself so you can make the most of your life.

Sunday, 07 April 2019 10:33

Confidence —The Gateway.

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I prefer to use a payment gateway on the Internet for purchase as I don’t want to share my card details with every Internet merchant. A gateway is any data communication device or program that provides a remote network with connectivity to a host network. A payment gateway

Sunday, 03 March 2019 08:12

Surviving Tough Times.

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Survival is to manage to survive despite continued difficulties. You refused to give up. You kept hanging there. You held onto life and appreciated life more than anything. You know your situation will not last forever. You can tell there is no hope in your belief, but you hoped anyway.

Sunday, 03 February 2019 13:39

Life Cycle Processes.

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Life is not static; it is always in motion. You are in motion; therefore, you need to keep moving, keep developing so you will continue to upgrade to become the best version of yourself.

Sunday, 06 January 2019 06:10

My Life is A PLC.

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It is the first week of January 2019, lots of New Year Resolution is flying around. I see more runners on the streets of London working hard to keep fit. I am not here to spoil their party, but I know they will not be able to sustain it. The reason I know is that the statistics collected over